GVIS promotes lifelong learning by encouraging
    independence and critical-thinking.
    FOR 2021 - 2022
    FROM KG to XII
    Creativity and Innovation
    GVIS offers the best atmosphere which provides ample
    opportunity of work with challenging and varied activities.
GVIS at a glance...

Grace Valley Indian School

Grace Valley Indian School was founded in 2011 by a group of visionaries with the aim of providing quality education.

We strive to achieve and maintain high standards in education and pastoral care, focusing on the all round development of the students. Through high quality teaching and learning we aim to establish ourselves at the heart of our community locally, nationally and internationally.

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Pursuit of Excellence

What makes GVIS The Best ?

Grace Valley Indian School is one of the best schools in UAE that imparts world class education along with a wide range of extracurricular activities. GVIS is committed to academic excellence, achieved through a rich and challenging curriculum and nurturing the personal growth and development of every child in all aspects of their learning journey.



Happy Students


Dedicated Teachers


Stimulating Environments


Successful Years

Areas of Strength

Teaching and Learning
Teaching and Learning  -  

GVIS believes that the effective teaching and learning is the key to unlock the students’ ability and potential and we strive to improve it.

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Progress and Achievement
Progress and Achievement  -  

We seek to inspire confidence, passion and high expectations to improve the progress and achievement for each student.

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Safety and Security
Safety and Security  -  

With the active involvement of all our school community, we work together to ensure the GVIS campus is safe and secure at all times.

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Innovation Skills
Creativity and Innovation  -  

With GVIS our students unleash their potential mind to conceive new ideas by devicing a creative approach in teaching and learning.

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Exclusive Methodologies

GVIS provides a unique and authentic context for experiential learning. Our students experience meaningful and long lasting learning through deeper understanding of what they learn by hands own experience.

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We pave the way to our Kindergartners to realize the various situations and experiences they will encounter as they grow. They learn with an extra ordinary pace with a learner-centered approach ensuring a holistic development of their skills.

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In GVIS STEAM education is the 'top-of-mind' topic of every learner. Students are challenged to become inventors and innovators by working on projects in Design Thinking, Digital Literacies and coding.

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Why Choose GVIS?

GVIS has a unique system that allows students to make their way to a better future. We provide value embedded education focusing academic excellence.

We help our students to demonstrate the ability to perform, achieve and excel in scholastic activities. Our students transform their lives, develop skills, raise ambitions and become future leaders.

We set attitudes, skills and behaviours - such as self control confidence, social skills, motivation and resilience that underpin success in school and beyond.

Our policies, practices and relationships ensures each child of our school is healthy, safe engaged, supported and challenged.

Our practices involves attention, rehearsal and repetition that leads to the development of skills that cater into more complex knowledge and independent learning.

With family-school-community partnerships we share responsibilities with agencies and organizations that engage our students to achieve their highest potential.