GVIS is very proud of our smart uniform and encourage all of our students to wear it with pride.


Uniform - a symbol of pride

At GVIS, we are extremely proud of how smart our students look in our smart school uniform.

At GVIS, we have high expectations of every aspect of school, including the uniform our children wear. We believe that a presentable appearance is an important part of keeping our high standards. We are proud of our smart uniform, which is designed to be affordable and appropriate for children to be comfortable through the school day while reflecting our shared commitment to excellence. With our neat uniform, we aim to promote a sense of belonging and pride to represent their school appropriately and to teach students that they have a responsibility to themselves and to each other to ensure that the good name and reputation of the school are preserved and developed.

Uniform Policy

School uniform is an essential part of the learning culture of our school. The uniform creates a sense of belonging and allows our students to be clearly identified at all times. GVIS has developed a Uniform Policy that is designed to build a positive learning culture, and all members of the school community are expected to ensure that uniform is worn correctly at all times.

  • School uniform is mandatory for all students from KG1 to Grade 12.
  • White socks with black shoes are required to be worn as part of the school uniform.
  • Shoes must be a plain black color without any designs or patterns.
  • Sandals are not allowed for safety reasons.
  • School PE Uniforms are to be worn as per the respective Time Table.
  • For PE, students are required to wear white shoes with white sox.
  • School winter jackets can be worn on cold days.
  • The school uniform is not included in the tuition fees.
  • You can purchase the uniform from the school store.
  • School Bags, Tiffin bags, and other accessories for the school are available in the school store.
  • Uniforms and Books are available for collection from Monday to Friday 08:30 am – 02:00 pm.
  • Our service includes home delivery of books upon request.

School uniform is compulsory for all students and must be worn at school, while travelling to and from school, and on any special events, field trips or picnics except where the teacher in charge has obtained the approval of the Principal for other clothes to be worn.