School Transportation

An Efficient Transport Service

Grace Valley Indian School provides an excellent transport facility for students and teachers. We offer our students a reliable and secure bus service which ply not only within the vicinity of Al Ain but the areas adjoining the city also.

Our School operates an efficient transport system, headed by a well-trained and qualified Transport Manager. We ensure that our school buses meet and exceed all safety requirements and our drivers and attenders are well-trained to provide the high level of service you expect.

All our school buses comply with the regulations of Abu Dhabi Department of Transport for School Transport and the guidelines of ADEK to ensure that the journey between home and school is convenient, secure and safe.

School Transport Policy

Our school will ensure all the measures of security and safety of students even while they are on the school bus. The school considers the school bus as a major part of the school wherein they learn the practical importance of safety. The school will abide by all the regulations of the country’s transport laws and also the Ministry of Education and ADEK.

The School will provide safe transportation to the students in the vicinity of the school by abiding the following.

  • Take up students from home to school and vice versa safely and securely.
  • Our buses will be installed with barriers on the windows to protect them from dropping hands or head out. The school will also provide direction of safety to all the students and will host sessions to make our students aware of the importance of safety and security in the school and surrounding.
  • The school will not exceed the seating capacity of the bus.
  • If the parent or responsible guardian is not available during bus let off the child will be brought back to school and will be under the care of school staff or will be informed to the community police department.
  • The school will mention the name of the school in uniform color and font in all the buses that would enable others to understand.
  • The school shall collect the ADEK approved fee from the student using transport.
  • Students with the fee due will not be given school transport. The school shall stop transport facilities to those having pending fees.
  • The school transport shall comply with all DoT and ADEK requirements.
  • Teachers and administration staff of schools will be present at the parking zone to ensure the safety of the children when they arrive and depart and also see all follow the rules.
  • The school will ensure supervisors, specially trained for the well being of the students. The school will make clear to the students the waiting areas and boarding areas. The school will have a special area arranged in one end (specified) of the school premise for the boarding and un boarding of the students.
  • The school will enlighten students those less follow the instruction of the school safety and security of the transport. This will be done through awareness and activities on road safety through various activities that would include Tableau or skits in the assembly activities and proper intervention of the principal or supervisors.

The school will enforce rules and regulations concerning the transportation of pupils to enable the bus drivers to effectively perform their duties. When the cases of indiscipline, damage of buses or any misbehavior are brought to the attention, necessary disciplinary action will be taken including suspension of the student from the bus service after having a discussion with the parent. No conduct will be tolerated that will in any way cause distraction of a driver’s attention that might result in unsafe operation of the bus. Students are expected to respect the authority of the bus driver and obey his/her instructions.