Parent-Teacher Association

The PTA of GVIS take into account the welfare of the children, help them to develop their potential, and ensure that the school recognizes its purpose. They can help to communicate with families more effectively, enhance fundraising efforts and qualify for grants and awards to support the school.

We are delighted to have a pro-active and enthusiastic Parent Council at Grace Valley Indian School, who are passionate about their role.


  • To engage families in the education and development of their children.
  • Promote positive change at the school, develop collaborative networks and work together to deliver a calendar of social and school events.
  • To provide support and resources to the school for the benefit and educational growth of the children.
  • To engage parents on relevant school policies; to foster parental engagement and involvement.
  • To provide opportunities for parents and teachers to plan, conduct and participate in implementing policies, activities and services.
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