Community Outreach

There is an important interdependency between school and community. The result of that relationship directly impacts the growth of our children. The role the school plays within the community. Having a presence at local events, involvement in professional organizations in early learning, and participation in community activities are critical to the continuing growth of the community.

Our school provides enough opportunity for our students to collaborate with the community and enables them to develop social attitudes among themselves.


The Indian Social Centre in Al Ain, is one of the sociocultural organizations in the UAE registered with the UAE Ministry of Community Development.

It is engaged in organizing sociocultural events every year. The Indian Social Centre also hosts weekly consular services offered by the Indian embassy to help those who are needy.

The Centre organizes various cultural events mostly related to major Indian festivals. Festivals like Diwali, Onam, Lohiri etc. are celebrated at the Centre. Indian national days – Independence day and Republic day are also commemorated with flag hoisting and get together. Several UAE festivals and UAE national days are also celebrated at the Centre.

Our students participate in events and competitions often


Our students participate and win in national events like National Day, New Year Eve, Tolerance programs in collaboration with the LULU group of companies


The Red Crescent in Abu Dhabi work since its establishment to promote the spirit of solidarity and compassion among members of the community. Our school provides support for the Red Crescent team with charity programs.


Blue Star Al Ain is the nerve centre of activities for the Indian community, as far as cultural and social activities are concerned. The Centre organizes various cultural events mostly related to major Indian festivals like Diwali, Onam, Lohiri etc are celebrated at the Centre. Our students participate in events and competitions often


KMCC is a strong organization of expatriate Malayalees’, highly recognized mainly for its charity, cultural, educative activities world all over. Constructing homes for the homeless, providing medical aids, undertaking marriage of poor girls and education support to efficient and eligible students make KMCCs day to day affair. It also actively interacts in literature, art, sports, and cultural activities of Malayalees abroad.


In association with Burjeel Hospital we Grace Valley Indian School commenced the functioning of school health club. Often medical campaigning and webinar sessions are also their valuable contributions to our school.


The vision of the Foundation is “Pioneering Initiatives for Welfare” and its strategies are focused on health and education on domestic, regional and global scales. The educational strategy of the Foundation includes supporting vocational educational projects in countries of the region, health needs related to malnutrition, child protection and care and the provision of safe water on a global level. Poor and needy communities are also supported by the provision of main infrastructure such as schools and hospitals etc. In order to implement these strategies, the Foundation has entered into partnerships with global organizations affiliated with the United Nations and public welfare organizations.


In collaboration with the Civil defense team of UAE, our students are given training for emergency fire safety precautions.


Parents are our first and on-going educators for their own children. To emphasize this in school, we take our Parents, as partners, in education to improve and strengthen the bond between child and the parent, increase and celebrate our student achievements and success in a better and clear way. Some of the highlights are:

  • Annual Day
  • Annual Sports
  • Parents Eve
  • Parents Orientation Program
  • Coffee with Parents
  • Open Houses
  • Flairs- The Talent Show