School Office

School Office

Our School administration facilitates proper communication and feedback with all stakeholders. They may be approached by staff, pupils and parents, either in person or via telephone, email or letter. As well as maintaining a high degree of professionalism, customer service and discretion, and ability to stay cool and be sympathetic is key.

School Registrar

The School Registrar maintains student records and course data, which can include helping students schedule or register for classes. They also make sure that their academic performance meets graduation requirements in order to reach school's goals on time.

Services provided by School Registrar:

  • Organizing and administering student records.
  • Enter detailed student data into computer systems
  • Ensuring records are updated with new grades, attendance, finances, etc.
  • Keeping student information confidential and secure.
  • Participating in student service committees and initiatives.

Transport Coordinator

Our School Transport Coordinator works within our premises and is responsible for managing all bus transportation to the satisfaction of the School. The fleet includes the pickup and the drop-off students. The School shall also provide transportation for students during trips, picnics and other activities as per direction from the school.

  • To avail school transportation parents shall opt for transport by registering their wards at the school transport coordinator by providing the transport fee.
  • Changes in student location to be written to the Transport coordinator for sanctioning school transport by the parent.
  • The school shall provide transport in the vicinity of Al Ain only.
  • The student shall abide by the school behavioral policy and bus safety policy.


A school secretary is responsible for performing administrative and clerical duties to support the school's operations and helping the management to develop strategies and techniques to ensure that the students receive the highest quality of learning.

  • Planning Public relations campaigns and strategies for new students and parents fee.
  • Monitoring public and media perception of the school
  • Public speaking at presentations, conferences etc about the charter and activities of the school.


The School has a well-defined and written school financial policy so as to ensure financial assistance and with regard to school, the fee is communicated to parents. The fee (Tuition fee and Transportation Fee) payment in school can be done in the following ways:

  • One-time payment (beginning of the Academic year)
  • Termly payment (Beginning of each term. This include the beginning of April- September, and January)
  • 8 installments (Before 10 th  of the month)

Store Keeper

The School Store Clerk provides oversight and customer service delivery in the day- to-day operation of the school store serving as a liaison to students, faculty, staff, and vendors. We Maintain high store standards and conditions and foster a positive environment.

Services provided by School Store (Fee applicable):

  • School Uniform for KG to Grade 12 students.
  • School Books for KG to Grade 12
  • School Stationery
  • ECO club Uniform